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Our activities

Our society is dependent on electricity. Svenska kraftnät is responsible for ensuring that Sweden has a safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective transmission system for electricity – today and in the future. We achieve this in the short term by monitoring the electrical system around the clock, and in the long term by building new power lines to meet tomorrow's electricity needs.

We are responsible for the national grid

The government has assigned Svenska kraftnät the task to maintain and develop the Swedish national grid for electricity. The national grid power lines transport electricity from wind, hydro and nuclear power stations to regional and local electricity networks, which in turn transmit the electricity on to the consumers.

We balance production and consumption in the electricity system

At all times, there must be a balance between the electricity produced and consumed in the electricity system. If the balance is disturbed we risk major disruptions in the grid with serious consequences. Svenska kraftnät is responsible for keeping this balance. Therefore, we work around the clock in our control rooms, where we monitor that the amount of produced and consumed electricity are the same.

We contribute to make sure electricity trading works smoothly

We have also been commissioned by the government to work to ensure that electricity trading can take place as smoothly as possible, and in free competition. This applies to trading both within the Nordic countries and with other European countries. In the EU, we are helping to create a single European electricity market.

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We contribute to achieving energy and climate targets

Svenska kraftnät has an important role in Sweden's efforts to achieve the goals of energy and climate policy. We will develop energy efficient and environmentally sound solutions for the transmission of electricity on the national grid. We do this for example by conducting and supporting research in green technology.

The EU has set the goal that the share of renewable energy in the EU must be at least 27 percent in 2030. Svenska kraftnät facilitates the expansion of renewable energy by strengthening and expanding the national grid for electricity. For example, we are building new power lines to make it possible to connect new large wind farms to the national grid. That way those wind farms become part of Sweden's electricity supply.

We build new power lines

Connection of renewable energy is one of the reasons that we are currently reinforcing and expanding the grid at several locations in the country. Another reason is to promote competition in the electricity market where electricity is bought and sold. In order for the electricity market to operate more efficiently and with free competition, we are eliminating so-called "bottlenecks" in the Nordic electricity network and the networks that connect us with the rest of Europe. Bottlenecks are narrow passages in the network that we need to strengthen in order to transmit more electricity. Learn more about how we develop the grid.

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We ensure that the electricity supply can handle serious strains

Svenska kraftnät is Sweden's Authority of Electricity Contingency Planning. This means that we are working to ensure that electricity supply is prepared for extreme events that may pose serious strains on society. For example there may be large storms and fires, dam accidents and acts of terrorism. We make sure that measures are taken to enhance our preparedness, that there are trained professionals and that resources are available for repair work and communication equipment.

We promote dam safety

In the role as national dam safety authority, Svenska kraftnät acts for a future with safe dams and coordinated preparedness for dam failures. We contribute to national coordination and development through clear requirements, guidance and follow-up. We provide supervisory guidance to the county administration boards in matters of dam safety according to chapter 11 in the environmental code. We promote capacity building through research, development, education and information in collaboration with stakeholders. We follow up the progress and report to the government annually.

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We support and conduct research

Svenska kraftnät supports and conducts research and development that will enhance the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of the national grid. We also support research in dam safety. One of the research projects is about finding smart solutions for keeping the electricity balance when more wind power is connected to the power system. More wind power requires new solutions since the energy from wind power is weather dependent and cannot be stored.