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Before Svenska kraftnät builds a new line we hold consultation. During consultation we receive input from everyone affected by the line, such as landowners, nearby residents, municipalities, county administrative boards and interest organizations.

Consultation on the feasibility study

In spring 2011, we produced a feasibility study for the Lindbacka – Östansjö line. A feasibility study is the first step when planning a new line. It describes various proposed line routes and how they could influence such things as the landscape, living environment and natural resources. As the next step, we held a consultation on the study and the different routes. At this point, everyone affected by the line had the opportunity to present their views. All received comments have been annotated and compiled in a consultation report.

Consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment

In early 2012, we presented an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It describes the selected route proposal more in detail and how the new line may influence the living environment, landscape and outdoor recreation. In the EIA we also propose measures to reduce the impact. In connection with a second consultation everyone concerned were once again able to present their views. Just like at the first consultation, all views together with our comments were compiled in a consultation report.

More information about consultation

The feasibility study, environmental impact assessment and consultation reports can be found on the page "Documents and maps".

Documents and maps (in Swedish). 

Read more about the consultation process (in Swedish).