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Classification criteria

The classification refers to the contents of substances with certain hazardous properties. To obtain a certain classification, the chemical must not contain amounts of the substances above a specific limit.

About the classification system

Svenska kraftnät's classification follows BASTA's classification criteria. These criteria are also used by other authorities, such as the Swedish Transport Administration and the metropolitan municipalities. They can be used for chemicals as well as goods and construction products. The criteria follow the EU regulation REACH.

All substances included in the candidate list for REACH have particularly hazardous properties and are therefore covered by the criteria. The criteria are also in line with the criteria for phase-out and risk reduction substances in the Swedish Chemicals Agency's PRIO guide, as well as the Swedish environmental quality objectives, "A Non-Toxic Environment".

BASTA's criteria are reviewed periodically to adapt them to new findings and objectives in the chemical field and may therefore be tightened.

Phase-out and risk reduction substances

The Swedish Chemicals Agency's PRIO guide divides hazardous substances into phase-out and prioritised risk reduction substances. These terms are given in the review statement. Phase-out substances are those which are so hazardous to humans and the environment that they should not be used irrespective of how they are used.

Some of these substances are already prohibited for specific applications. According to the environmental quality objective "A Non-Toxic Environment", the use of these must cease as far as possible.

Phase-out substances are found or may end up on the list of substances subject to authorisation in REACH (Annex XIV). This means that you need to apply for permission from the European Chemicals Agency ECHA to use chemicals containing these substances.

Risk reduction substances have properties which should be noted due to their hazardous nature. Prior to use, substitution should be considered and the risk of use should be assessed in particular.

Criteria and limits

You can see which substances or properties are not permitted in amounts equal to or above the specified weight limits for class A (BASTA) and class B (BETA) chemicals on Basta Online.

Class C chemicals therefore contain substances with particularly hazardous properties above the weight limits for B. You can also see whether the substance or its properties are considered to be a phase-out substance or a priority risk reduction substance according to the Swedish Chemicals Agency's PRIO guide.