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Reliable electricity supply

Our society places high demands on a safe and reliable electricity supply. Critical societal functions such as railroads, sewerage systems and gas pumps depend on electricity to function; as well as gadgets like stoves, computers and mobiles. The foundation of a reliable electricity supply is a robust electricity grid.

The national grid for electricity is the foundation of Sweden's electricity supply. In the worst case, an error on a line or in a substation on the grid could mean that large parts of Sweden lose access to power. Therefore, it is important that the grid is robust and reliable. This ensures that electricity is transmitted to where it should be and that power failures are remedied quickly.

Svenska kraftnät  secures the electricity supply in various ways. In our control rooms, we monitor around the clock the amount of electricity produced and consumed, to make sure they balance. If there is an imbalance between production and consumption in the electrical system, then there is a risk of major disruptions on the grid.

In addition, we maintain the national  grid on an ongoing basis for it to continue to be reliable. We also build new power lines to ensure a secure electricity supply in line with the fact that society's demand for electricity is increasing. Learn more about how we develop the grid.

Maintenance of the national grid