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Right of way and concession

Svenska kraftnät has both right of way and concession for all of our lines. But what does it mean?

The text on this page is aimed primarily at urban planners. If you are affected by a building project, which is to say that a power line will be built, please see the pages about the construction process.

Right of way

Svenska kraftnät has the right of way for all lines in the national grid, because these lines are significant for the country's electricity supply. Right of way means that Svenska kraftnät has the right to construct and maintain the line despite the fact that we do not own the land where the line rests. This right applies to all future, i.e. it cannot be reconsidered. When the line was built, the landowner received a one-time compensation for infringement on the land needed to be used for the line.

Actions or activities that in any way restrict Svenska kraftnät's operations may not be performed where we have rights of way. The right is regulated in the law on Utility Easement (link to the Riksdag website - in Swedish). Opens in a new window

You can read more about rights of way on the Ordnance Survey's web site. Opens in a new window


Svenska kraftnät has permission to operate all lines in the 400 kV and 220 kV (kilovolts) grids. This permit is called concession; it is issued by the Energy markets Inspectorate (Ei), or by the Government for foreign connections. For new lines the concession often applies until further notice. In some cases there is a possibility of review of authorisations when it has been 40 years since the decision on the concession was made. Concessions are governed by the Electricity Act (link to the Riksdag website - in Swedish). Opens in a new window

You can read more about concession on the Swedish energy markets inspectorate's website (in Swedish). Opens in a new window