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Balance responsibility agreement

The Balance Responsibility Agreement applies until further notice between a balance responsible party and Svenska kraftnät.

About the agreement

The agreement includes, among other things, requirements that the balance responsible party shall plan and provide hourly balance, report important information to Svenska kraftnät as well as pay for services from Svenska kraftnät. The agreement is updated roughly once a year.

Svenska kraftnät shall on its part continuously analyse the power situation in the country, report information to the balance responsible party and settle accounts. The agreement also describes trade and pricing.

Parts of the settlement, billing and information exchange are managed by eSett Oy for Svenska kraftnät according to the Balance Responsibility Agreement. The conditions for this are included in eSett Oy's Imbalance Settlement Agreement which is found at: Opens in a new window.

The Balance Responsibility Agreement is only available in Swedish

Please note that a number of documents (reglerdokument) complement the Balance Responsibility Agreement. 

Fees for balance responsible parties

Fees due by balance responsibe parties with balancing responsibility in Sweden are determined by Svenska kraftnät but are charged and credited according to terms and conditions in eSett Oy’s Imbalance Settlement Agreement. Current fees are set out in Appendix 1 of the Agreemnt.

eSett Oy’s Imbalance Settlement Agreement at eSett's website. Opens in a new window