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Becoming a BSP

To become a Balancing Service Provider (BSP), an agreement with Svenska kraftnät is required.

Until further notice, a potential BSP must first sign a BRP agreement with Svenska kraftnät in order to be able to become a BSP. Furthermore, the BRP must have balance responsibility for all connection points from which the BSP intends to provide balancing services.

If you are interested in becoming a BSP, please fill in the form "Form for registering (.pdf) Opens in a new window".

In the form, please indicate the role(s) you are interested in. You are also asked to provide a contact person for your company and their contact details (email address and phone number). Please send the form to

In addition to this, a number of steps need to be completed in order to sign a BSP agreement and thus become a BSP. These steps include, among other things, successfully pre-qualifying resources to provide at least one balancing service.

Pre-qualification is the process used to ensure that the unit or group that will be providing balancing services meets the technical requirements for the relevant product. More information about pre-qualification can be found here.

eSett Oy handles settlement and invoicing of BSPs on behalf of Svenska kraftnät. eSett Oy is also responsible for sending out the BSP agreement to potential BSPs that satisfy the above requirements.

Please note that until further notice, BSPs are not required to sign eSett's settlement agreement for BSP (Balancing Service Settlement Agreement).  

Read more about how to start delivering balancing services and become a BSP here: Contribute with FCR, aFRR or mFRR

Subcontractors: delivering balancing services without becoming a BSP

Market participants (for instance aggregators) that cannot or do not want to become a BSP themselves can contract with an approved BSP to provide balancing services. Svenska kraftnät has no agreements with these “subcontractors”. It is the BSP that is ultimately responsible towards Svenska kraftnät for the delivery of balancing services as outlined in the BSP agreement. The BSP must make sure that the subcontractor systematically complies with IT security requirements and is able to describe how these requirements will be met. The subcontractor must also be able to describe the measures it has taken to ensure that the availability and accuracy requirements in the BSP agreement are met.