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Connecting to the grid

Large electricity producers and network owners can transport electricity on the grid if their facilities are connected. Connecting to the grid requires an application to Svenska kraftnät.

Connecting to our 220 kV network requires an input or withdrawal of at least 100 megawatts. The 400 kV network requires at least 300 megawatts.

New application when the input or withdrawal changes

When a company that is already connected wants to increase its current input or withdrawal on the grid, a new application is needed.The application works like this:

  1. Send your inquiry to Svenska kraftnät. The form is available in the table on the Swedish web page about connecting. Within about a month, we provide a preliminary assessment of whether the inquiry meets our basic requirements.
  2. Send in a formal application. We investigate whether it is possible to connect the plant/network to the national grid and the actions that are needed. Our goal is that the investigation is completed within twelve months from the time we get all the information we need. Once the investigation is complete, we will send an advance notice of connection with information about the estimated connection fee and schedule for when the connection can proceed.
  3. You sign a letter of intent with Svenska kraftnät. Under the agreement, Svenska kraftnät makes a technical feasibility study.
  4. Once the technical feasibility study is completed, you sign a connection agreement with Svenska kraftnät. The connection agreement governs the conditions for connection and specifies the timetable for connection.

What does it cost to connect?

When the letter of intent has been signed, we start the technical feasibility study. We charge a flat fee to do the feasibility study. For connection to the 220 kV network, the fee is SEK 100 000 and the 400 kV network, the fee is SEK 300 000.

In some cases, Svenska kraftnät also charge a connection fee. This is because sometimes we have to make investments in the grid because of new connections. This can be for example if we need to expand an existing station or build a new one. The fee also covers additional costs if we need to make investments earlier than we would have done if the plant was not connected, so-called early investments. Svenska kraftnät leaves an estimate in the connection agreement about whether a connection fee will be required.

We calculate the amount of any connection fee in the technical feasibility study, but it is the actual costs incurred that must be paid. We will invoice the costs on an on-going basis. If the company will pay a connection fee, we deduct the feasibility study fee from there.

Read more about tariff/charges

How long does it take before the connection is put into operation?

Svenska kraftnät  cannot guarantee an exact time for connection. It depends on what measures need to be implemented. Generally, one can expect that it will take at least three years from the time a connection fee is signed to the time the connection is in operation. When new lines need to be built, it takes longer.