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Associates and Subsidiaries

Svenska kraftnät has one subsidiary and six associates.

Svenska Kraftnät Gasturbiner AB

Wholly owned subsidiary of Svenska kraftnät. The company operates and maintains the gas turbine plants required by Svenska kraftnät for its activities. The objective is to provide reserve capacity with high availability from the company's gas turbine power plants.

  • MD: Fredrik Hermann 
  • Board:  Gunnar Axheim (chairman), Elisabeth Schylander, Magnus Lindholm, Karin Rådström, Marcus Jacobson, Bertil Persson (deputy). All from Svenska kraftnät, except the chairman.
  • Svenska kraftnät's stake in share-capital: 100 percent.
  • Turnover in 2019: MSEK 133.

For more information please contact Fredrik Hermann.

Fifty AS

The company develops and manages the IT-system which will support the electricity balancing market.

  • MD: Dag Henning Nikolaisen
  • The company is owned in equal shares by Svenska kraftnät and Statnett.
  • Operations: Development and management of IT-system for the energy market and balance settlement.
  • Svenska kraftnät's Board Members is Lars Jansson, Lowina Lundström, Ulrika Hesslow (chairman) and Karin Rådström.
  • Turnover in 2019: MNOK 150.

Nord Pool - TSO Holding AS

Logo Nord Pool Spot AS

TSO Holding AS owns 34 percent of Nord Pool Holding AS, whose subsidiaries operate physical electricity trade (spot market) in the Nordic and Baltic countries, in Germany and in England. Nord Pool’s headquarter is located in Oslo and branch offices are located in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Berlin and London. The remaining 66 percent of the shares in Nord Pool Holding AS are owned by Euronext.

TSO Holding AS is owned by Nordic and Baltic TSOs: Svenska kraftnät 28,2 percent, Statnett 28,2 percent, Energinet 18,8 percent, Fingrid 18,8 percent, AST 2,0 percent, Elering 2,0 percent and Litgrid 2,0 percent.

  • CEO: Torger Lien.
  • Svenska kraftnäts’s Board Member is Niclas Damsgaard.
  • The company began operations in January 2020.

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Triangelbolaget D4 AB

Logo Triangelbolaget D4 AB

  • MD: Ola Barthel
  • The company is owned in equal shares by Svenska kraftnät, Vattenfall AB, Ellevio and Tele 2.
  • Operations: On behalf of its co-owners, the company administers the fibre-optic links Stockholm-Oslo-Gothenburg-Malmö-Stockholm.
  • Svenska kraftnät's Board Members are Julia Möhlnhoff and Bertil Persson (deputy).
  • Turnover in 2019: MSEK 57.

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Energiforsk AB

Logo Enrrgiforsk AB

  • MD: Markus Wråke
  • Svenska kraftnät's stake in share-capital: 20 percent (Energiföretagen Sverige 50 procent, Energigas Sverige 15 percent, Swedegas AB 15 percent.
  • Operations: Conducts research operations for the Swedish energi industry. Funded as a merge in 2014/2015 between the operation of Elforsk, Fjärrsyn, Värmeforsk and SGC.
  • Svenska kraftnät's Board Members is Ulf Moberg and Maria Jalvemo (deputy).
  • Revenue 2019: MSEK 133

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Kraftdragarna AB

Logo Kraftdragarna AB

  • MD: Hans Müller.
  • Svenska kraftnät's stake in share-capital: 50 percent (Vattenfall AB owns 50 percent).
  • Operations: The primary task of Kraftdragarna AB is to provide heavy haulage services on behalf of the owners for the transport of transformers, reactors and other heavy components that make up the electricity supply system.
  • Svenska kraftnäts’s Board Members are Johan Svensson, Christoffer Börefelt and Bertil Person (deputy).
  • Turnover in 2019: MSEK 43.

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eSett Oy

Logo eSett Oy

  • MD: Minnakaisa Ahonen.
  • Svenska kraftnät's stake in share-capital: 25 percent (Fingrid 25 percent, Statnett 25 percent and Energinet 24 percent).
  • Operations: Operates the joint Nordic balance settlement.
  • Svenska kraftnäts’s Board Members are Lowina Lundström and Anna Jäderström(deputy).
  • Turnover in 2019: 6 mn euro.

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Nordic RCC AS

Nordic RCC AS logotype

The company’s purpose is to support the Nordic Transmission System Operators in maintaining the operational security of the power systems and optimizing the availability for the power market of the Nordic grid. 

These services were previously delivered by a Nordic coordinating centre, Nordic RSC (Regional Security Coordinator). This organization has been transitioned into the independent company Nordic RCC AS (Nordic Regional Coordination Centre).

  • The company is located in Copenhagen.
  • The transition into a company happened on July 1 2022 and the company is owned by Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät, by 25 percent each.
  • Revenue amounted to 97 mn dkk.