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Svenska kraftnät is an authority that is operated in the form of a state-owned enterprise. We are around 670 employees, most of us works at the head office in Sundbyberg. We also have offices in Sundsvall and Sollefteå.

Svenska kraftnät is owned by the state

Svenska kraftnät is an authority that is operated in the form of a state-owned enterprise. This means that our operations are mainly funded by the fees that customers pay for our services. Customers are electricity producers and network owners who pay us for the service of transporting electricity on the national grid.

The government determines our mission

It is the government that appoints our Board of Directors and Director General. They also determine what we are commissioned to do. In a regulation with instructions (2007:1119), the government states our mission. The regulatory letter issued by the government each year states more specifically what we must work on in the coming year.

View the regulatory letter for 2018 - only in Swedish.

Svenska kraftnät's organizational chart

Svenska kraftnät's work is organized into four divisions and seventeen departments. In addition to the various departments there is also a Deputy CEO, Chief Security Officer and Internal Auditor.

Division Electricity System Operator consists of the departments: Strategic Development, Power System, Power System Operation, Electricity Markets, Digital systems. Division Grid consists of the departments: Assets, Grid Technology, Substation Projects, Transmission Line Projects, Program Management. Division Corporate Functions and Business Services consists of the departments: Finance, Organisational Development, Security, Sustainability and Legal. Division IT consists of the departments: IT Infrastructur and Operations, IT Applications Maintenance, IT Development and IT Strategy and Governance.

Five councils

We have also linked five councils to our organization. The councils are composed of representatives from Svenska kraftnät, the power industry and other stakeholders. They act as an information and consultation body for matters of the national grid and operation, electrical contingency planning, the electricity market, plans for expansion and dam safety.

Our head office and control room is located in Sundbyberg

At the head office in Sundbyberg, we have the national control room where we monitor and control the national grid around the clock. We have just over 600 employees in total. Most of them work in Sundbyberg, but we also have an office in Sundsvall and an area control center in Sollefteå. Svenska kraftnät also employs several hundred consultants and contractors around the country.