Our councils 

Svenska kraftnät make many decisions about the grid, the electricity market, electrical contingency planning and dam safety. In support we have five councils linked to us, with representatives from the electricity industry and other stakeholders.

We work with these five councils:

  • the operations council
  • the contingency planning council
  • the electricity market council
  • the dam safety council
  • the planning council

What do the councils do?

The councils' role is to provide recommendations within their respective areas of expertise. The recommendations are indicative and not binding. The councils meet a couple of times a year to go through the proposals in place and then they get back with their comments.

Who sits in the councils?

The members of the councils have extensive knowledge and expertise in their subject areas. They are representatives from both small and large electricity operators, industry, trade associations and government agencies. Svenska kraftnät appoints the members of all councils except the Contingency Planning Council where the government chooses the members.