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Cases of extended permit

All of Svenska kraftnät’s power lines must have a permit, known as a concession, in order to be in operation. For certain lines, we need to apply for an extended permit after a certain time.

Permits are valid until further notice

Svenska kraftnät has been given permission, so-called concession, to operate all existing power lines of 400 kV and 220 kV (kilovolt) in the national grid. As a rule, concessions for new lines apply until further notice. In some cases there is a possibility for reviewing the permits when 40 years have passed since the decision on the concession was made.

It is the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (EI) who test and give concessions for power lines. In cases of overseas connections the government takes a decision on the concession. The government can review EI's decisions when it comes to lines of the national grid.

Easement and concession are not the same

Concession is not the same thing as easement. Svenska kraftnät has easement for all lines on the grid. This means that Svenska kraftnät has the right to construct and maintain the lines even though we do not own the land that they are built on. This right applies indefinitely and is thus never reviewed. When lines are being built, landowners receive a lump sum for the encroachment of the land being taken up for the line.

Current cases of extended permits

On the Swedish part of the website we publish the current cases where the EI and the government are to decide on extended concession. Go to the Swedish page about current cases of extended permits. If you have questions about current cases, please contact our Registry,