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Important information

Please note that the data presented on this page is not completely accurate and instantaneous. Our purpose with the "control room" page is to illustrate phenomenon in the electricity system and provide insight into the work in our real control room. If you have other requirements for electricity market data, we recommend our statistics page as well as the Nord Pool website

The control room

In the control room we control and monitor the country's electrical system around the clock and ensure that there is always a balance between production and consumption of electricity in Sweden.

Operations and Electricity Markets

In order for the electrical system to work, there must be a constant balance between production and consumption of electricity

Operations and Electricity Markets


In order for the electricity system to work, there must always be a balance between production and consumption of electricity and a voltage frequency of 50 Hz.


The flow of electricity

Electricity trading in the Nordic and Baltic regions occurs in the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool Spot. The flow of electricity is from an electricity area with lower price to an area with higher price. Both the flow of electricity and the price are controlled by supply and demand. The price is valid for the current hour.

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Electricity is a Swedish export. Sweden's electricity consumption is about 140 TWh a year and in recent years, exports have been 10-20 TWh per year. We have many important electricity connections to neighbouring countries.

Data source: Statnett


The main part of Sweden's electricity is produced by hydropower and nuclear power. On average, about 10 percent of the electricity is produced by wind power but production varies with the weather. The share of wind power will increase over the coming years. In the diagram, you can see how the output looks right now in Sweden and in the neighbouring countries we share information with. The data displayed on this page can not be downloaded. You can download the statistics we produce on the statistics page.

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Data source: Statnett

Production per country

Production 19 289 3 321 16 233 7 636 348 793 216 47 836
Nuclear power 6 016 - - 2 357 - - - 8 373
Thermal power 662 2 121 272 2 167 332 5 58 5 617
Wind power 4 284 1 200 1 865 1 572 16 1 3 8 941
Not specified 498 - - 60 - 125 131 814
Hydro power 7 829 - 14 096 1 480 - 662 24 24 091
Total consumption 15 904 3 863 16 224 9 171 839 768 1 207 47 976
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