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Hansa PowerBridge is proceeding via a Request for Information (RFI) for the Converter Stations and Cables

Svenska kraftnät and 50Hertz have started with the collection of information for the supply and installation of Hansa PowerBridge.

Planned Contract (to be procured by Svenska kraftnät) for:

  • Two converter stations (VSC)
  • One cable section station in Germany

Planned Contract (to be procured by 50Hertz) for: 

  • Onshore Cables (60km+70km DC, 2km AC) 
  • Offshore Cables (88 km+88 km DC)

The main technical data are the active power of 700 MW transmitted via a symmetrical monopole (at receiving end) with a DC voltage of +/-300kV and AC voltage of 400kV level.

All cables will consist of an extruded cable insulation. The two submarine HVDC cables and a submarine FOC are bundled prior to laying. After laying the bundle shall be protected by burial or a rock berm. Maximum water depth for submarine cable approximately 50 meter. The underground cables in Germany are installed in preinstalled ducts (ducts not in scope, contracted separately). The underground cables in Sweden are installed directly buried.

The estimated procurement process

  • Prequalification summer 2024.
  • Invitation to tender (ITT) sent out 2024/2025
  • Contract Converter signing in Q4 2025
  • Contract Cable signing in Q4 2025

About the overall Project

Presentation about the RFI converters (pdf, 516 kB) Opens in a new window (.pdf) Opens in a new window

Presentation about the RFI cable (pdf, 476 kB) Opens in a new window (.pdf) Opens in a new window


Interested parties are invited to get in contact with 50Hertz, Babette Wegener, +49 305150 6333, or Svenska kraftnät Katarina Åman, +4670413 95 65,